Caparica EP


Greets from Lisbon via Berlin via Istanbul… Isolate continue to blossom post-isolation with more evocative late-night tales. Imagination-arresting, subtly radiant and powerfully journey-like; this time our navigator is Rafael Da Cruz. Fresh from his recent EP on Duat Folklore, and a previous cameo on Isolate’s first ‘Mutations’ volume, it’s his first full EP for Murat Uncuoglu & Alican’s label. Four tracks deep, each one pregnant with momentum and that poignant sense of yearning, Rafael – who is also a known music journalist – brings his natural sense of narrative to life across the EP. The earnest, expectant drama of the title track ‘Caparica’ sets the scene while ‘Flor’ whisks us off our feet on a flying carpet of hope, only to bring us back down to earth with a relentless tribal groove.

Deeper we travel into Rafael’s psyche as ‘Bairro’ wraps us up tightly with swooping pads and sudden sprightly rays of uplifting hooks before ‘Vista’ solemnly marches us into the unknown under a shower of percussive shooting stars, drawing the curtain on this dream-like experience with a pulsating technoid switch. Mildly psychedelic, heavily groove-based, always vibrant. It’s another sweet trip from the Isolate family.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Caparica EP
Cat No: ISO018
Format: Digital
Release: 17th September 2021

Available on:

Bes EP


On @duat.record s everything is about Egyptian mythology. Bes was a powerful God in the Dynasty XII of the ancient Egypt, who became a defender of everything good and the enemy of all bad. The God of dance, music, sexuality, fun and also humor. Even the name of the balearic island Ibiza means “Island of Bes”. Saqqara is a vast, ancient burial ground in Egypt, where Bes used to live and entertain his sacred surroundings, where he especially protected women and children above all others.

Following the collaboration of label heads Amin Fallaha and Ruede Hagelstein on DUAT1007, we initiate a promising 2021 with the label debut of Rafael Da Cruz, resident at Gewölbe Club in Cologne. Both ‚Bes‘ and ‚Saqqara‘ are evolving, emotional and hypnotising structures. Both odes to our beloved dancefloors – where we’ll hopefully meet again soon.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Bes
Cat No: DUAT1008
Format: Digital
Release: 19th March 2021

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V.A. – „Conrad“ / ISOLATE


A VA concept with its eyes set firmly forward and tracks from friends and kindred spirits that they have been road-testing to perfection at their Isolate nights, ‚Mutations 01‘ is a powerful collection of provocative stargazers kicking off with Rafael Da Cruz’s ‚Conrad‘ where the lingering pianos and unhurried pace set the deep foundations. Label co-founder Alican follows with a track that marches you into the foggy unknown with just the right shade of uplift to keep your floor guessing what comes next. Deeper into the EP we hit Mool’s exceptionally titled ‚Grow A Soul‘ where sweeping synths wrap around chugging beats and a rising top line and cascading bassline intertwine like DNA. Finally Enzo Elia follows his recent Kompakt release with a neon cinematic escapade of dramatic proportions.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: V.A. – Mutations I
Cat No: ISO004
Format: Digital
Release: 13th September 2019

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Rusu EP / Moodmusic Records #203


For the Mood203 Rafael Da Cruz delivered two outstanding cuts. We warmly welcome him on our label. His debut release ‚Rusu‘ marks his significant sound which lives from strong synth patterns lovely embedded in detailed atmospheres. The first track ‚Rusu‘ is leading the whole package and will for sure find its way to the dance floors. His second track ‚Serra‘ is defined by a nicely evolving melody which will cause some uplifting impact in the clubs as well. To complete the package we invited SBTH the project of Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb to remix the main track ‚Rusu‘. We are glad to be able to offer their interpretation. Last but not least our label boss Sasse himself put his hands on ‚Serra‘.

We would now like to invite you to test Rafael Da Cruz’s new release with two stunning remixes.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Rusu EP / Moodmusic Records #203
Cat No: MOOD203
Format: Digital
Release: 8th February 2019

Available on:

Rex / Compost Black Label #130


Colognes finest Rafael Da Cruz is back for his second Compost Black Label after his debut last year with Renaissance. Dark and floating on Rex this time, with an incredible remix by Edgar Peng and an epic version from Andre Lodemann, that earned a lot of love from guys like Âme, Dixon, Sandrino and more over the last couple of weeks.

2015 was a good one for Rafael Da Cruz. He toured through South America, Thailand, India and Europe and played legendary spots like D-Edge, Warung and Watergate. With Right To Love he runs an own night in Cologne since almost three years in the well known and undisputed best club in town called Gewölbe. The story continues and this chapter is called Rex.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Rex / Compost Black Label #130
Cat No: CPT 475-1
Format: 12″ / Digital
Muting The Noise Vinyl-Release: 29th October 2015
Groove Attack & Beatport exclusive: 6th November 2015
Digital: 20th November 2015

Available on:

V.A. – „WILDE Freiheit“ (WILDE Label)


Dear friends, after my Renaissance EP on Compost Records a few weeks ago, here is a short extract of my second track „Black Romance“, which will be released on the compilation „WILDE Freiheit“ at 12th of January 2015 on WILDE Label. In celebration of 25 years since the Berlin Wall went down, WILDE Label brings it’s third release – WILDE FREIHEIT! Cheers. #goodtimes

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Black Romance
Album: V.A. – WILDE Freiheit
Format: Digital
Release: 12th January 2015

Available on:

Compost Black Label # 118


Rafael Da Cruz’ DEBUT 12“ finally hits the streets, dipping into deeper, gloomier spheres of house. Soaring synths cleverly trim the bed of fat broad baselines. The Black 80s give the original a wicked analogue touch, with a splendid soulful vocal version as bonus track. Cosmic Cowboys and David Hasert supply two impressive remixes that both create a dark, but uniquely vibrant scenery and complete the package.

Artist: Rafael Da Cruz
Title: Compost Black Label #118
Cat No: CPT 454-1
Format: 12″ / Digital
Release: 5th September 2014

Available on:





Rafael Da Cruz is a DJ and producer whose work embraces atmospheric techno and deep, wide soundscapes with a sleek sense for the contemporary Zeitgeist. He is a resident DJ at Cologne’s renowned Gewölbe Club since 2012 and has toured across Europe, South America and Asia. Following his first record in 2014, he has released several EP’s, as well as radio mixes for the likes of well-known series like Ibiza Sonica, Moodmusic Radioshow, Underground Tel Aviv and others.

Born in a rural area in the north of Portugal, Rafael Da Cruz grew up as a ‘90s kid near Cologne in Germany and has been dedicated to music ever since he was a teenager. He began working in music journalism as soon as he left school, then went on to make a name for himself as a DJ and producer. Hosting parties and his “Right To Love” night soon led to a residency at Gewölbe, where he has invited national and international friends to play ever since. An emblematic night might see him open with a gentle set, whose sound is incorporated in an organic base, before coming back to close the night with straight-up elements, rounded off with a sweeter vibe to the end. His 2014 release “Renaissance” on the legendary Bavarian imprint Compost Records was followed by “Rex” in 2015, which included an outstanding remix from André Lodemann. The next few years saw him extend his discography with labels including Moodmusic, ISOLATE, and Berlin-based DUATRECORDS. Recent tracks “Bes” and “Saqqara” are pared-down and nuanced, witnessing to the same deep reflection and careful attention to the sonic journey that he brings to his sets.

Accustomed to the vibrant international club scene, Rafael Da Cruz has been using the lockdown to carve out more time for production and composing with different musicians, and for his latest collaborative project, “Ona Sonora” – a series of holistic travel experiences across Europe and North Africa combining electronic music, nature, and rituals. He is currently based in Berlin.


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